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Treating Grief with the Respect it Deserves

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When it comes to dealing with the grief that comes after losing a beloved pet, it can be complicated. Some might even say that grieving the loss of your darling pet is no different than grieving the loss of a person. It is a deep and meaningful loss that can be difficult to cope with.


When dealing with grief after losing a pet, the first step is to be kind to yourself.


Allow yourself to feel the pain, sadness, and anxiety that come with the loss. Acknowledging these feelings and giving yourself the time to process them is essential for healing.


It is natural to experience stages of grief and other ranges of emotions after losing a dog, including anger, anxiety, sadness, or even guilt. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through each stage and that the process of grieving is different for everyone.


The stages of grief are varied, but they can typically be broken down into denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Everyone experiences these stages differently, and it is important to remember that there is no timeline for grief.


There are a variety of ways to cope with the loss of a beloved pet. It can be helpful to talk to friends and family or to seek support from professional counsellors in Ireland.



Pet bereavement can be a difficult and emotional time for pet owners. It is important to take the time to properly grieve and say goodbye to your beloved pet, and a ceremony or funeral can provide the closure needed to move forward. A small ceremony or funeral allows pet parents to grieve in a meaningful way; it creates a space to honour the life of the pet, celebrate memories made together, and express the sorrow of saying goodbye. A ceremony can also serve as a way to share the pet’s life with family and friends and can help the owner to feel supported during this difficult time.


Many people find consolidation by keeping the pictures of their furry friend that remind you of the best moments together. Life will go on without your beloved pet, but your memory of them will never age, never change, never fade away..


It is also important to remember to take time for yourself and to find ways to connect to the memory of your pet. Whether it is through talking to friends, journaling, or having a special memento of your pet, you can check here the types of special memorabilia that can help connect and honour your beloved pet.


At Paw Prints we understand how hard the time of passing of a pet is a difficult time and deserves attention and if you have any questions on how to organise cremation and where to begin, you can always give us a call here for helpful advice.