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We understand the unique bond a pet owner has with their pet. We treat your pets with respect & dignity.

Private Cremation

Private Cremation

We guarantee individualised cremations and ensuring that you receive your pet's ashes exclusively.

Memorial Items

Memorial Items

Discover our pet memorial jewellery collection, crafted to honor the memory of your cherished pet.

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Reach out to our caring team today to discuss how we can honor your cherished pet together.


What People Say

Pawprints Crematorium prioritises your emotional well- being, ensuring compassionate support throughout.

Lauren Keogh

I have no words for how amazing the team have been

I have no words for how amazing the team have been towards my family losing our girl of 14 years, from beginning to end they were so kind, helpful and showed so much empathy. Forever grateful for making the hardest day of our lives just a little bit easier knowing she’s in the best care. 100% recommend, no where else I’d rather my little ones being ❤️

Callyann Brennan

Pawprints looked after myself and my family so well

Pawprints looked after myself and my family so well with the passing of our loved and very old greyhound. They went above and beyond and showed so much care and kindness towards us at such a heartbreaking time. It’s something myself and family will forever be grateful for. We received our Sams ashes in a gorgeous urn with his name engraved, clay paw print and cert. All sentients we will treasure! I can not recommend them enough. For care, customer service and over all service, they were fantastic!

Kellie Cronin

Thank you so much for looking after my jessie of 14 years

Thank you so much for looking after my jessie of 14 years, you where so kind and I had her back home within 24 hrs which ment so much .very adorable and love my little accessory. Highly recommend yous xx


If you have a question you do not see below, please reach out and get in touch with us.

Why choose to cremate my pet?

Losing a beloved pet can be difficult. People may choose to cremate their pets for various reasons. Cremation can often provide a sense of closure and allows owners to honour their beloved companion in a dignified way. 


Cremation offers flexibility in memorialising your pet, as the ashes can be kept in a casket, scattered in a meaningful place, or used in memorial jewellery. 


Additionally, some people opt for cremation due to practical reasons such as limited space, as it eliminates the need for a burial plot. Ultimately, cremation offers a personalised and respectful way to say goodbye to a cherished family pet. 

What is an individualised cremation?

Individual pet cremation refers to the process of cremating a pet separately from other animals. Individual cremation ensures you’ll only receive the ashes of your pet. Your pet undergoes a respectful cremation, with options tailored to your wishes

What pets do you accept for cremation?

We offer cremation services for all types of domestic pet, from small breeds such as gerbils, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs up to our larger canine friends

What is the expected time for cremation/collection of ashes?

If you choose to come directly to our pet crematorium in Trim we can offer same day individual cremation. Our turnaround time to veterinary practices is 7 days from the date of collection.


What level of contact can I expect?

If you choose to come to the crematorium in Trim we will allow you and your family time to spend with your beloved pet. Our expert staff will discuss all options available to you and explain the cremation process.

How do I get my animal to you for cremation?

You can bring your pet directly to us (by appointment), alternatively you can contact us to arrange for collection from home or your veterinary practice can arrange everything for you through us.

What is the booking process?

If you would like to bring your pet directly to us in Trim please call us beforehand to make an appointment. We will work with you to arrange a mutually convenient time.  An alternative option is to arrange for your pets individual cremation with your veterinary practice and they in turn will arrange a collection of your beloved friend with us.

Do I need a vet referral?

No. When you opt for individual cremation you have a choice of coming directly to us in Trim or we can collect your pet from your veterinary practice.

Can I be present for the cremation?

Due to Health & Safety regulations it is not permitted to be present at your pets cremation. We do offer you time in our farewell room to spend with your beloved pet where we will explain the full cremation process with you. This is a private space for you and your family to say your final goodbyes.

What are your opening hours?

Our crematorium is open ”by appointment” Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 5.30pm, Saturday’s from 9am – 1pm.  Always remember our telephone lines are manned 24/7 so we are available to answer any questions and give advice on our pet cremation service.