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The right time to say goodbye?

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It’s sort of an oxymoron, isn’t it? I know from my own experiences that there is no right time to say goodbye, because letting go of those we love is one of the hardest things we’ll ever do. However, there will come a time in every Pet Parent’s life where they’ll need to be cruel in order to be kind; to release a suffering pet to be free from pain and hurt.

Elderly Pets:

As much as we might not want them to, little pups and fluffy kittens will eventually become lazy dogs and grouchy cats. But at what point of their twilight years should you be thinking about letting them be free of their age? We certainly can’t tell you, but a pet that is suffering from a myriad of illnesses is most certainly not having a good time. With extreme age comes kidney problems, joint problems, organ problems and a range of other maladies that will make your pet’s existence torturous. As an owner, you’ll need to be prepared to say enough is enough on their behalf.


Animal attacks, road accidents, human accidents and natural disasters can all affect our pets. If they’re young and healthy enough to recover, they’ll often do so fully with little-to-no side effects. However, a pet that suffers catastrophic injuries might not recover at all. This will be one of these times where, as an owner, you’ll need to decide if your pet’s suffering is something they can bear for your sake. If it’s not, you’ll need to consider letting them be at peace.


Lost, Stolen or Missing:

Having a pet taken from you before you’re ready can be an awful experience for any pet owner and can be devastating for children. However, you can still say goodbye for a pet that’s not present — holding a vigil or small memorial ceremony in their stead. Again, no one can say when is the right time to move on, but you yourself will know when that time comes.

How Best To Say Goodbye:

There’s no right or wrong way to say goodbye to your pet. It can be as simple as a small service in memory of them, a garden party celebrating the happy moments from their life or even erecting a plaque or stone in their favourite place.

At Pawprints, we offer a bespoke, individual service for each owner to grieve, honour and say their last goodbyes to their pets; ending with a range of memorial options that includes headstones, jewellery and plaques. By offering a complete end-of-life service for your pet, you can focus on the emotions of the moment and allow the healing process to begin.

Our service is available to all pets and only one pet is ever present when a cremation is taking place; a guarantee and assurance from us that the ashes you receive are your pet’s and your pet’s alone.

To find out more about our services, please contact us directly.