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The loss of a beloved pet, be they large and lean or small and furry, is an experience that every owner is likely to go through at one point or another. Like most periods of loss and bereavement, life stops; it has to, the brain can’t process the finality of death unless it does! However, as final as death may seem, life eventually goes on; this is where healing can truly take place.

Healing from a loss is a long road; some days will be harder than others, other days will be total write-offs, and that’s ok. Take it from experience, though, that this is a time where mementos, memorials and memories can act like stitches; closing those wounds long enough to let them scab.

It’s worth giving some thought to how you plan on sending-off your pet should the day ever come. This sending-off can provide closure to an already final event, giving greater peace to the family who remain. It can also preserve your pet’s memory for future generations to enjoy. Today, we’ll be going over a few different types of send-offs and what you can do to honour your pet’s memory.

Types of send-offs:

Burying is a popular way of putting a flourish on the end of your pet’s life. Unfortunately, this is only available to families that own their own land or home as far as the law is concerned. We’ve often heard of owners wrapping their pet in their favourite blanket or with their favourite toy, ensuring that their pet will be warm once they’re laid to rest. A few words or a small service is normally what follows and some marker or stone is then placed at the head of the grave as a reminder.

Of course, some pet parents don’t have the choice to bury their friend and, while it brings us no joy to say, many owners have no choice but to dispose of their pet’s remains as you would general waste. So, what can they do instead?

Well, one of the many services we offer is bespoke pet cremations. These ceremonies are designed with both owner and pet in mind and can offer a grieving family the opportunity to put a full-stop at the end of their pain, rather than a comma. Only one pet is ever present in our crematoriums during a service, giving you peace of mind that the remains you receive are your pet’s and your pet’s alone.

Once the service has concluded, you will receive your pet’s ashes and be presented with a wide variety of commemorative options, including but not limited to; bespoke jewellery, urns, headstones and plaques. Of course, these memorial tokens are completely optional and you can do whatever you wish with your pet’s remains; by scattering them in their favourite spot or by storing them in your own container. As pioneers in the realm of end-of-life services for beloved pets, it is our commitment to you that during the time we share, you and your pet are our only and top priority.

Signing off:

However you wish to give your pet a final farewell, we always recommend two things; 1, that you have no regrets with them, and 2, that you give them the send-off that you want. When life returns to normal and all is said and done, having a bespoke token of their memory can make all the difference on days when clouds blot out the Sun.

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