Not all pet crematoriums are the same

Our pets are more than just a fixture within our homes. For most pet owners, their pets are a massive part of their family for years.

Over the course of their lives, you and your pet will have developed thousands of memories, connections, and emotional bonding moments together. When a pet passes away, it can leave a lasting impact on your home and family that will be felt forever. 


That is why we at Pawprints Cremation aim to make the passing of your pet as easy as possible, with our tribute pet cremation. Cremation has been a popular way of honoring those who have passed for centuries among human societies. Cremation is a great way to preserve the body of a loved one, and send them off in the fire that represents purity. From the old Norse traditions, to ancient Asian cultures and traditions, cremation is no foreign concept to most of us. Although, cremation for pets, is in fact a relatively new concept. With that new concept in mind, we at Pawprints Cremation have been engaging in pet cremations since 2011. 


We believe that cremations are a great way to honor, and give tribute to the years of loyalty, friendship, and love that pets give us over the course of their lives. However, it is important to remember that not all pet crematoriums are the same. We did not invent the concept of pet cremation, but we have worked hard to perfect it. We believe in paying tribute to, and caring for the body of your beloved pet. We do this by working closely with pet owners, and veterinary practices to ensure that we understand the wishes and desires of the pet owners–no matter what. We guarantee that you will have the ashes of your pet back within 24 hours, and can even facilitate same day cremations if the owner requests it. 


We are pet owners and pet lovers ourselves, and we understand how important it is for you to have the ashes of your friend back as soon as possible. We know how concerning and disheartening it can be for a pet owner to have to anxiously wait to get the ashes back from their pet. We always aim to make sure that you never have to endure that wait. Our services are always fast, careful, and tastefully done.

When you choose Pawprints Cremation, you are choosing a team of compassionate and caring individuals who are experienced at the delicate nature of pet cremations. We want to ensure that the love and body of your pet is handled with care, dignity, and compassion. Through our services, you can honor the life of your pet forever, with pet cremation.


How long does it take to get my pets ashes back after cremation?

Losing a family pet is a difficult time for every person and their families. The heartache and sense of loss are tremendous and hard to rationalise. It is a reminder to us all of how precious life is.

Coming into the room where they once slept, looking at the area where they would always greet you, the silence. All of this is a timely reminder of the joy that a pet once brought to all our lives

But what happens after their passing? There are many questions that you might have.

Where do they go?

How long will they be gone for?

How do I know what happens when they get there?

Why does it take so long?

Not all pet crematoriums are the same. We know that but not all pet owners do. Here at Pawprints Cremation in Trim, County Meath, we know how loved, how important and how special each pet was to their owners and their families? We know the special place that they held within that home and we are mindful of that each and every time we do a cremation.

We handle each and every pet with the love, dignity and respect that they deserve. We know the anguish that the wait causes when a pet owner is waiting for their ashes to be returned. We understand that you want your beloved pet ashes back as soon as possible. It’s important to you and it’s important to us.

At Pawprints Cremation, we can have your pet ashes returned to you within 24 hours.

You can visit our crematorium in Trim where you can either drop your pet off or even collect the ashes afterward.

Alternatively, you can always bring your pet to your local veterinary practice and have the ashes returned to the veterinary practice for you to collect. This can be done as quickly as within 24 hours. At Pawprints we know how important this process is.

We always want to get it right and we always want to make sure that you get the ashes of your beloved pet back as quickly as possible, to make the grieving process easier for you and your family.

Please call us at Pawprints in Trim or ask your local veterinary practice, do they use Pawprints Crematorium. We’re here to help.

We’re here to make the end of the life journey that bit easier for you and your family.