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Questions about pet cremations

As a provider for end-of-life services for pets, we’ve received a thousand questions over the years. Some have been out of curiosity, others out of grief and some have been humorous indeed, but today we’d like to have a look at some of the most frequent ones we’ve been asked.


5. “Do you do coffins for pets?”

No, we do not offer coffins or burial services. We do, however, offer a wide range of options for you to honour and store the remains of your beloved pet, from ceremonial urns to jewellery infused with their ashes. We can also provide memorial plaques and signs in the event that you would like to bury your pet as opposed to having them cremated. We recommend calling or emailing to discuss your own personal needs and we’ll do our very best to accommodate them.


4. “Are all pets for the day burned together?”

Absolutely not. Each cremation is carried out individually and great care is taken by our undertakers to ensure that your pet’s remains are honoured and respected from the moment you arrive with them. We also carry a 100% guarantee that the ashes you receive are that of your pet’s and nothing more. In short, there is absolutely no way we would ever betray your trust and that of your pet’s. We take our work very seriously and that is why we have our guarantee mentioned above.



3. “How will my pet be stored until they are cremated?”

Once you arrive with your pet’s remains, we’ll take them to our specially prepared waiting room where they will be placed in a bespoke receptacle. When the time comes for their remains to be cremated, we’ll take the receptacle and place it in our crematorium for you to have your final goodbye. There will be plenty of time for you to say whatever you’d like and we’ll be there to advise and help you through the whole process. As an aside, we always recommend that bereaved owners seek grief therapy when they are ready and we can certainly point you in the right direction.


2. “How big does the fire need to be to make ashes?”

We seem to get questions like this one from young boys – naturally, they gravitate to the spectacle of the process as opposed to the ceremonial aspect of it. Cremation chambers are required to reach temperatures of 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius in order to perform their task and can take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. Your pet’s ashes must then be left to cool for a time before we can move them to your chosen urn. The short answer, of course, is very hot.


1. “What will I do without them?”

Grief is such a uniquely human thing, but honouring it, marking it, acknowledging it is the most human thing of all. Life will go on without your beloved pet, but your memory of them will never age, never change, never fade away. To honour a pet in death is one of the first steps an owner can take in overcoming their grief. Otherwise, there are many counselling options available in Ireland and, if nothing else, you can surround yourself with friends and family who will be more than happy to offer their help to you in this difficult time. Always remember; this, too, shall pass.

We hope we’ve answered your questions thoroughly today. If something comes to mind or if you have any questions about the services we offer, you can always contact us here.