• Pet Cremation

About the process

Each individual cremation performed at Pawprints pet crematorium is followed by a 100% guarantee that the remains being returned are that of the individual pet cremated.

Each individual cremation is returned in our unique urns or caskets and a signed card certifying the individual cremation along with the date of the cremation and the name of your pet. If you choose, we can also make a clay paw impression of one of the front paws of your beloved pet or provide you with urns and jewelry for a small additional fee.

To find out about cremation jewelry and clay paw impression options for the return of ashes click here.

cremation caskets

Wooden Caskets

These wooden caskets are beautifully made from ash hardwood. Each of these traditional style caskets are finished with a lacquer coating. They provide a number of options for you to decide the final resting place for your beloved pet. A brass name plate is placed on top of each casket engraved with your pet’s name.

Tribute Boxes

These tribute boxes are made from environmentally friendly rubber tree wood. They have a sliding top picture frame that can be easily accessed to place a personal tribute or a picture of your pet.

Scatter Tubes

These scatter tubes are eco friendly and fully biodegradable. They give you the option to easily scatter your beloved pet’s ashes in place that you and your pet have enjoyed throughout your friendship together. They are also suitable for burial.

Sleeping Cat

This decorative sleeping cat casket offers a more subtle and ornamental way of displaying your pet’s ashes. Available in light brown or black.