“Glen from Pawprints has always been professional and easy to work with. He is very caring and compassionate to all the pets in his care at a very hard time for us and their owners. He makes something so difficult a lot easier for all involved. Glen goes above and beyond to accommodate all needs.”

Aoibheann Canavan M.V.B.

“Pawprints Cremation are a wonderful group to work with. They are always willing to cater to our grieving clients wishes after they say goodbye to their pet. Glenn is very understanding and efficient in organizing the process to be as smooth and individualized as possible. The selection of urns provides many different options based on preference, I personally find the scatter tubes a very special option, allowing owners to bring their beloved pet to their favorite walking spots so that they can run free and the memory of them will always be there.”

Aibhlin FinnM.V.B.

“I have been using Pawprints Cremation Services for the past number of years.

I have found them to be extremely efficient, reliable, and most understanding, sensitive, and compassionate to all our clients needs and requests.”

Liam MuriartyM.V.B.

“Glen provides an incredible service at an hour that most people dread for their beloved pet. Not only is he extremely professional but caring and compassionate. The range provided by Pawprints Crematorium for grieving owners is exceptional and Glen will always go above and beyond the call of duty to cater for their needs.”

Ian RountreeM.B.V.

“I would highly recommend Pawprints Cremation Ireland. Glen has always been a pleasure to work with. Along with being incredibly professional and efficient, he is kind and compassionate and always goes the extra mile to assist us with any of our requests at short notice. He takes great care in his work and provides an amazing service for our clients in their time of need”  

Melissa Daly M.V.B.